Space Nation
Space Nation
Mobile app, ios, android
The world's first astronaut training app.
The app tests the users with constantly updating challenges. In the end, the contestants with most points have a chance to enter a televised, real life contest, the winner of which might actually get
to travel to space.
Lead Designer
Role on the project
Space Nation
Company name
UX research, User tests
Whole UX was created from the scratch
iOS, Android
Application was designed for both platforms
Core app UI, minigames
Implemented in React Native as reusable components
3 design concepts
Was created during the project
step 1
UX Design.
Roadmaps, UX Maps, Wireframes, Prototypes

Gathering beta "public" testers
Acquiring participants for Diary Study
Public group FB
Testing with "Exclusive" group
Diary study with Taiste
Setting and refining the analytics hooks
Answering questions and providing
info for private group
Testing with "Exclusive" group
Testing with "public" group
Analytics data from test
Planning and executing design changes to the app
Continue testing with selected group
Almost 100 screens created
step 2

Researches, mood boards
and references.

For the future app visual style, I decided to come up with two visual styles.

First – Light UI style is good for daily use apps and also helps users
to focus on the content, instead of the UI itself.

Second – Dark UI style brings a unique feeling, playfulness and strong visual contrast.
Dark vs. light layout — combination works best. Darker layout was considered the best option. Three female participants noted, that the lighter version was "a nice break from the darkness", especially in the profile section and leaderboard view. A combination of dark and light was considered the best option (eg. in the leaderboard view).
— User from 1st Beta group
step 3

Visual Design.

Light UI is much better than the early beta version. Better organized and clearer.
— User from Pre launch group
App store and Google Play visual support
Highlights from the stores kits
Minigames and visual assets
Visual style and assets for minigames and core app
Project's design team
All the team members involved in the project
  • Evgenii Cheremnykh
    Lead Designer
  • Sami Sorvali
    Head of Design
  • Matti Vahtera
    UX Designer
  • Mari Mur
    Visual Designer
  • Carmen Seva
    Visual Designer
  • Taiste
    UX consaltancy
  • Dan Matutina
  • Agent Pekka
    Illustrations support
During last 10 months we've executed the fully working and functional mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. Efficient work of the whole design team delivered the product under lots of pressure and tight deadlines. Sprint by sprint team iterated visual and ux work.

My role was to deliver visual and ux, to cooperate and implement design with dev team for the core app and help game designers to deliver right visual and ui assets for the minigames.
UX/UI design, Web design, Visual design
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